Friday, May 13, 2011

stay the course...

Have you ever embarked on something bigger than yourself and thought, “how in the world is this ever going to happen?” That the thought of it not happing is crushing? Well, I am in that place. You may be saying, “I thought deadline for Korea was over a month ago?” Well it was but for some reason things keeps happening to give us more time. Right now we have to have a back ground check from the state of Michigan & California which is giving us more time. This past month has been interesting. I have gone through so many emotions; from not being able to talk about this adoption and holding back from letting myself engage in it due to sadness & fear of disappointment. Concern that it just won't happen; and praying & going back to the Lord asking the question do you want us to change adoptions &countries? This was heart wrenching for me. But one thing is true: God is faithful & his timing is perfect. It helps that at this time I am seeing awesome provisions for the ministry we work for & a lot of my friends here at Youth With A Mission. This encourages me daily. There is provision out there. As Andy & I have taken this before the Lord we feel strongly we are not to switch adoption countries, but to keep moving forward and to keep walking in faith that the sea will part. As we refuse to give up - please refuse to give up with us. I know the day I hold Pax in my arms heaven will rejoice & the turmoil of waiting will be a distant memory. In my experience when you have to wait for something you don't take it for granted. Keep praying & trusting. If you know anyone who would be willing to help us get this baby please do not hesitate to give them our info or get them in contact with us. Thank you for coming on the journey with us; it’s a wild ride!!

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