Monday, July 11, 2011

what if...

I have hacked into my wife's account to blog today. I have a blog of my own, but people actually read here I am!

Facebook recently announced that there are approximately 750 million active users of facebook. 50% of those people log on daily. The average user has 130 friends....and all of us facebook users combined, apparently spend over 700 billion minutes a day on facebook....the point = there are A LOT of people on facebook!

As was stated last week, Rachel and I have laid our pride on the alter in order to adopt Paxton. I know we have thrown out statistics and giving options and appeals and needs on a somewhat weekly basis. Thank you to all who have given and prayed.

There is an old German saying that goes something to the effect of, "Everyone doing a little, makes the work easy." So here is a new concept in helping us continue to raise funds for our adoption:

If 1,000 - of the supposed 750 million users - posted the link to give to the adoption on their facebook page and just 22 of their friends donated $1 - our goal would be reached! Crazy concept I know. But what if it worked! Our current president raised millions of dollars by asking American families for $5 donations. This is just $1 - and this would change the history of a child forever!

Just share the link from mine or Rachel's facebook page and that will take your friends to our website where they can give!

Thanks again for listening to our hearts!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

money, money, money.....

I was recently at a YWAM meeting and the speaker made this comment - "to God, money is just paper passing through the hands of people." It seems a little more important to us, right?

June 6, 011 @ 11:19 am - I just received an email from our adoption agent again... Pax is waiting & it is breaking my heart along with frustration that there are so many kids waiting because of money. She says, as soon as paper work and money is in place, children are being placed into families! Our paper work is in place = we only need money.

This is sooo humbling for me & puts me in a very vulnerable place but I'm asking any way. Any pride I have is going out the window and I'm giving my all to the adoption [I'm sure there is some pride in there somewhere]. This morning I had the thought what if 22 people or 22 communities or 22 churches - committed to give or take offerings for or give a gift of $1,000 each. We would be able to get Paxton fast!! I have a place to live. I have plenty of love. I have food. I have a community that will love Paxton & teach her what life in Christ is. I have a husband & son who want a daughter & little sis more than anything. Most of all I have a mother’s heart - longing for this baby... All that I am lacking is money - sad right....

We are asking, calling, sending emails, Face booking our friends, families, churches, businesses, grant organizations, etc... If you know a church, a business, a small group...anyone....who would be interested please, please, please let me know ASAP! Or prayerfully consider sharing our story with them and grant them the privilege to give financially.

THANK YOU ALL as you have given & prayed & encouraged us - we don't take it for granted. I am gratefully to call you friends.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Urgency to Pray...

Today I write with an urgency to pray! As many of you know we have passed our deadline to get the money for our adoption more than once… God has been with us…. How in the world we have gotten this far is only by God’s grace. I guess God meant what he said in Bible - that he loves orphans & is very passionate about adoption..

I wrote our adoption agent earlier this week and told her that we have 8 thousand dollars towards this adoption. I asked, "is there anyway we we can keep going?" I received a email late last night & with my heart beating and dropping into my stomach I opened it. She said that all she can say is that we need the money & the TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

We have done the paper work, our meeting with the bank on Monday so they can write us a "good standing letter." We will schedule our physicals on Tuesday that we need to get done. We have done our part. We have prayed, fasted, mailed letters, done fundraisers, etc. And yet, we will continue until the last second to do all we can to continue to make this happen.

It is scary. Yet there is peace in our home. This is what this family is designed to do. It is the word of the Lord to our family. I love the passage in scripture that says something to the effect of, "...when you have done all you know to do - stand..." This family will stand. We will not run. Sometimes pursuing the kingdom of God & opposing the kingdom of darkness involves prayer. And sometimes opposing the kingdom of darkness involves continuing to move forward in obedience to God. That is where the Miller family is at. Fear, doubt, worry, words of discouragement, etc. we stare all those things in the face and continue to move forward in Jesus name - in full obedience to "care for orphans..."

Friends. Please continue to pray and be the voice you have been. We still need $22,000 to complete our adoption. My agent said, "as soon as paper work goes through and families show they have the money, Korea is RELEASING children quickly!" Paxton is waiting!! Waiting for us!!

Thank you all for standing by us and loving us with all your hearts. Every word, email, text, Facebook note - gives life and hope to us!!