Thursday, April 21, 2011

the i-600.... we had an exciting moment this week...well, exciting if you take the time to really process and think about it. we were given our 1-600 documents this week. what is that? well, I will tell is basically an "Orphan Petition." for adults, when they want to come into the United States, an adult foreigner can file a document saying "can I come into your country and live there?"

Now Paxton is not old enough to make an appeal. So we are making the appeal for Paxton. We are saying, "I petition to the US Government to allow this little orphan come into the United States of America. This orphan is fully welcomed into our family and we will: provide for, care for, love on, defend, fight for, and meet every need that this little one has. We committ to 100% resonsability of this child..."

That so excites us! It makes me think about God who says "He is a defender of the weak..." This little one has been abandoned to some degree, and we get the honor of stepping in and saying, "No one wants Pax? We want Pax! We will be the defender of Pax!...

Please continue to pray with us as we petition for this little one and continue to "raise" the finances neeeded to cover all avenues of our adoption!

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