Wednesday, July 6, 2011

money, money, money.....

I was recently at a YWAM meeting and the speaker made this comment - "to God, money is just paper passing through the hands of people." It seems a little more important to us, right?

June 6, 011 @ 11:19 am - I just received an email from our adoption agent again... Pax is waiting & it is breaking my heart along with frustration that there are so many kids waiting because of money. She says, as soon as paper work and money is in place, children are being placed into families! Our paper work is in place = we only need money.

This is sooo humbling for me & puts me in a very vulnerable place but I'm asking any way. Any pride I have is going out the window and I'm giving my all to the adoption [I'm sure there is some pride in there somewhere]. This morning I had the thought what if 22 people or 22 communities or 22 churches - committed to give or take offerings for or give a gift of $1,000 each. We would be able to get Paxton fast!! I have a place to live. I have plenty of love. I have food. I have a community that will love Paxton & teach her what life in Christ is. I have a husband & son who want a daughter & little sis more than anything. Most of all I have a mother’s heart - longing for this baby... All that I am lacking is money - sad right....

We are asking, calling, sending emails, Face booking our friends, families, churches, businesses, grant organizations, etc... If you know a church, a business, a small group...anyone....who would be interested please, please, please let me know ASAP! Or prayerfully consider sharing our story with them and grant them the privilege to give financially.

THANK YOU ALL as you have given & prayed & encouraged us - we don't take it for granted. I am gratefully to call you friends.

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