Monday, July 11, 2011

what if...

I have hacked into my wife's account to blog today. I have a blog of my own, but people actually read here I am!

Facebook recently announced that there are approximately 750 million active users of facebook. 50% of those people log on daily. The average user has 130 friends....and all of us facebook users combined, apparently spend over 700 billion minutes a day on facebook....the point = there are A LOT of people on facebook!

As was stated last week, Rachel and I have laid our pride on the alter in order to adopt Paxton. I know we have thrown out statistics and giving options and appeals and needs on a somewhat weekly basis. Thank you to all who have given and prayed.

There is an old German saying that goes something to the effect of, "Everyone doing a little, makes the work easy." So here is a new concept in helping us continue to raise funds for our adoption:

If 1,000 - of the supposed 750 million users - posted the link to give to the adoption on their facebook page and just 22 of their friends donated $1 - our goal would be reached! Crazy concept I know. But what if it worked! Our current president raised millions of dollars by asking American families for $5 donations. This is just $1 - and this would change the history of a child forever!

Just share the link from mine or Rachel's facebook page and that will take your friends to our website where they can give!

Thanks again for listening to our hearts!!

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