Saturday, August 13, 2011

Batman, Spiderman, Superman and "Super Moms"

So Tysen starts school Monday, he has had a little anxiety about going to school all day & to be honest so have I. Since he is my only child, I almost don’t know what to do with myself when my little side kick is away. Tysen told me in a very sad voice “Mom, I’m kind of excited to go to school, but I’m gonna miss you.” It took everything in me to not let him see that I was choked up. I smiled & said well Ty how am I supposed do my super hero job during the day if you don’t go to school, with a little confusion he smiled, later that night he said “ mom I’m not sure that I want you to be fighting crime.” I said “oh, well, my super powers are to help sad & lonely people, what do you think about that” ? He responded “oh well that’s good mom, are you still going to fight crime”? My response “only if it gets in my way” 
I am so thankful for such a sweet little boy (most of the time ). He can be as naughty as all get out at times too. But none the less he’s mine & I love him bushels. Sometimes with adoption you look at your child and can’t even imagine the life they could have had & just praise God they are with you. Although I’m excited for Ty to go to school & to be working at ywam more and planning the outreach to London for the Olympics; I am not done being a mommy. I’m so ready for Pax to come. Please keep praying. We have been seeing some breakthrough. The thing that is hard for me & I daily have to give it to the Lord is that my little Pax is sitting in an orphanage and all’s I can do is pray... Please keep praying. We need still need 16 thousand dollars; we are just about half way... Please pray that we can raise $5,000 dollars in the next couple of weeks so we can move on to the next phase. Maybe even get a picture of Pax, and pray that as we apply for grants that the favor of God will be on us… thanks again friends!

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