Monday, August 8, 2011

4 dollars & a stamp...

We recently got home from a trip to Michigan where we visited some friends and family and spoke in 2 different churches about our adoption process. Upon our arrival back to Orlando, we checked in our mail box; there was a card from a woman in Las Vegas. She had been reading one of her friends blogs and it led her to our blog / website. She said she was compelled and moved by our story and our vision of raising $30,000 to adopt a baby. She said she sent us all the cash that was in her wallet. It was $4. Are you kidding me! Someone you hear about on the internet, and you send them all the money in your wallet. People don't do that in 2011. Sometimes a begger on the street can't get 20 cents for a cup of cold cheap coffee and this beautiful woman sent our family $4. I am humbled and brought to brokeness that someone would do this for me. Truely, this reflects the love and heart of God even greater that another sermon and lecture....and this is just one of many who have given. You all are amazing people! You have given amounts from 34 cents up to $2,500. And we are humbled and grateful. Please continue to pray and spread the word as our goal gets closer and closer.

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