Wednesday, January 19, 2011

three days in...

So, here we are, three days into the adoption process for Paxton [for those who will be tracking we do not know if our baby will be a boy or girl...however, we have decided that Paxton will be their name either way].  I received an email today from our agent discussing various topics such as finger printing issues, etc.  At the end she notes, "by the way, Korea has changed their policy.  They want to know you can afford the adoption, so they want to see most, if not all of the money up front and in your bank account."  Since we adopted Tysen, South Korea has upped the total cost of adoption to $30,000.  So she is saying that basically in the next three months (tops) we need to have ALL this money!  During Tysen's adoption we were allowed to produce this money over and 18 month period through fund raisers, gifts, appeals, tax returns, etc.  Now, the playing field is different.  The strategy will be different.  The timing will be different.  Do we keep going OR do we quit?

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