Sunday, January 23, 2011

update: deadlines & urgency...

Historically, Korea has a wonderful history of helping young "orphaned" children find a home. The first official adoption took place in 1953 (during hardships @ the end of the Korean War), and since then, over 150,000 adoptions have taken place.  However, according to our agent and public records, South Korea is aiming to close their adoption system to internationals in early 2012.  Only those adoptions that are already in process will be allowed to take place!  In addition, our agency is taking limited applicants.  Currently, we are one of those applicants.  However, that is only official as long as we have the money to complete this adoption!

So there is an urgent mandate upon us to get our funding raised and complete our adoption.  We believe God has asked us to partner with Him in this process and we will do everything humanly possible to do our part.  We now have a deadline set, to acquire 100% of the funding needed for this adoption.  Sunday, April 30, 2011 - is our target date.  Please pray with us in our process to see God's desire of adopting Paxton fulfilled.

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