Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jealousy, Target, & Asian baby stalking...

In September @ YWAM Orlando we had something awesome happen in our staff training ( God showed up )! Imagine that, a bunch of missionaries crying out to God & he shows up :) Crazy I know... There was weeping, repentance, healings - both emotional & physical & just a lot of pure awesomeness!! This is a new way of life for us & were not going back..

After this awesome week, as a staff we listened to a podcast called "The Unoffendable Heart..." It dealt a lot with jealousy and it rocked our base!! Sometimes we have no idea how much we can walk in jealousy until God shines his light on our heart & we see that "nasty green monster" for what it is :) Anyways, again there was much repentance the spirit of God was sooo strong to free us of jealousy. When we are jeolous we are walking in unbelief and we are withholding love, compliments & joy from others (nasty right ).

So today I was walking around Target ( didn't need anything, sometimes I go there to catch my breath). So of course I go & look at the baby clothes and I look over and see a couple with the sweetest little asaian girl, my heart jumped and sank all at the same time! This was the time to walk out in the opposite spirit of jeously, my first thought was, "why do they get there baby?". (I know terrible ) So what do I do? I follow them and watch! What do I see? 2 of the happiest parents ever. They adored that little girl, they had no idea there was a world around them they only knew they had a beautiful little baby that they adopted and she is theirs! Yes, in target I began to cry, not because I was jealous but because I had joy for them & for me! I walked over & said "she is soooo cute" they were kind of like "we know" :) I walked out of Target happy for them & looking forward to the day when someone adopting may stalk me in Target :) [I've been stalked many times with my little tysen]. :) The point is, I could have missed out on that beautiful experience because of jealousy :) Don't let jealousy steal your joy when others get what we our longing for!! Rejoice with them, jump up & down, spin around & get super excited...It feels sooo good!!!

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