Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paxton, Pizza, and Crocodiles...

I was eating dinner with a friend of mine last night...Homemade pizza...Pepperoni and mushroom. In the midst of our conversation, my friend began to share a vision that they had about us - the Millers. This person was reminded of the story of baby Moses, and how his mom had released Him to God by putting him in a small "basket" and sending him down the Nile river. And if you follow the story, he is "received" and adopted into a family.

Now wait...The Nile is infested with reptiles. Mainly the Nile crocodile. It can get up to 20 feet long and way up to 1,500 pounds!! In those days without the internet and our current knowledge, they must have been thinking dinasour? Wow! And this mom trusted God enought to release baby Moses into dangerous waters! With no certainty of the outcome, not knowing who or what may interfere, but trusting God was holding that little one in his hands until he found a safe home.

Paxton has been "released". There is a baby floting down the "Nile" with all sorts of obsticals trying to keep Pax from his family - the Millers. But we know and trust God is making a way for Paxton's arrival.

Update: we have applied for 7 grants. They total over $20,000 in appeals. Please pray for favor and approval. We still are at $15,000 in need. Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.

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