Monday, October 10, 2011

The Prayer of "Duck Ghost..."

I got a pressing email last week that moved my heart to tears. It went something like this: "Dear Andy and Rachel, The Director of our adoption agency is making a visit to South Korea in a few weeks. If you have been refered a child, she can take gifts, etc to your child. If you have not, the orphanage is in need of toys and / or financial gifts to buy the children toys, etc. Please let me know if you want to do this."

My heart lept. I had a thought. An idea. What if I gave them a gift to take? Could Pax get it? Somehow. Someway. This was my prayer: that I would send a gift, and somehow out of the thousands of orphans, that Paxton would end up with our gift. And that the day Pax comes home to us, the toy would be with Pax. Maybe crazy. But it was another oportunity for God to show the world he is God.

So I bought a little duck last week. It has a small blanket attached to it. And if you look at the picture, it does resemble a duck head with a ghost body. But it says I love you and that moved my heart. And so on Friday, I told many of my friends this story and asked them to pray over the duck and that it would somehow find its way to Pax. And so they did. They embraced this crazy idea. In the middle of prayer, my friend Karl prayed something like this, "...And God, we just ask that this Duck Ghost, would somehow make its way to Pax, and that the day Pax comes home to us all, that Pax would be carrying Duck Ghost in hand..."

And so that is my prayer and it will continue to be until Pax comes home to us....the Prayer of Duck Ghost...

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