Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chick-fil-A , Jackie Chan, and ninjas....

With all the talk of a little sister coming from Korea, it has raised all kinds of questions for the little set of ears in our house. Ty has always known he is adopted; he tells people he is from Korea and his little mind (probably from all the prayer he has had) seems to understand it. About a year ago we were at a Chick-fil-A; Ty was playing with some kids in the play area when he came out sobbing. I asked what had happend, and with huge alligator tears he replied, "those boys are telling me I am from Chineese!" My first response was, "well that just shows how much they know because you are from Korea remember? And you are mine and I am never going leave you." With a smile and a chuckle he ran back into play.

In moments like that I pray that God will give me wisdom to bring the anwers that bring love & healing not harm. Since then Ty has been asked by kids if he was Jackie Chan; if he is a ninja and other silly things. Ty just smiles. The other day Ty asked me if he was in my belly, my heart sunk as I prayed "God help." God gave me the perfect thing to say, to be truthful yet bring peace and comfort to his little heart.
Ty has been listening to some Korean teenagers sing children songs. He said to me, "mom, it seems like a mommy and daddy would have found them by now. Can we get them?" I pray that the understanding he has will continue and grow throughout the process of getting Paxton, that he will see the love we have for him is so strong that race, culture, nothing could keep us apart

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