Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"it takes a village..."

Today I have been thinking a lot about 2 very close friends of mine; both of whom have been walking thru very hard situations with their children. One of them was told that her 2 year old was going to have to undergo surgery as the doctors had found a very large tumor inside of one her kidneys.  They were going to go in and cut out some of the tumor to see if it was cancer. From the time my friend received the news she was trusting God, but she needed friends and other moms who could understand the heartache of what she was going thru and to lift up her arms in her hour of need.  And praise God, they have cancelled the surgery for now and are trying some other options.
Another dear friend of mine is sitting in the hospital right now waiting as her 4 year old is getting a full body MRI…
The thing that God has been putting on my heart today, is that sometimes as moms we get caught up in competition; whether it is who has the best snacks for their child’s events, who is the most put together, who has the smartest kids, and on and on it goes.  But really we just need each other to laugh with, cry with, and love each other in good times and not so good times… One of my dear friends Craig Branch once said, via Hillary Clinton, “…it takes a village [to raise a child]…”  I agree.  We need each other more than we know.  So moms, let's be ones who do not give into childish competition and let’s love each other. If you are going through something, chances are so is the mom next to you!

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