Monday, March 14, 2011

God is watching..........

So today I was at a park with that had a fountain kids could play in... Ty was playing was little girl his age and a little boy a little older than him. All of a sudden a fancy lady walks over to me and says, "is that your little girl ( pointing at Ty )?" She ovipusly did not really look at him, he looks nothing like a girl! Anyway, she goes on to ask me, "could you watch my kids; I have to go get something?" At first I just stared at her thinking, are you nuts? You do not know me? Do you watch the nightly news? What is wrong with you? But what came out of my mouth was "sure!" After awhile she came back ( I must admit the thought entered my mind is she going to come back? ) As she walked by in her bikini top she waved and said thanks then proceeded to tell her children she would be @ the pool which was a ways away from the fountain. I am not going to judge her. Maybe she was desperate for a moment; I'm not gonna try to wrap my mind around it... After that situation I have been thinking about protecting our kids, some would say that I am a little over prtective. When Ty was 2 and we were living in long beach Cali, we were part of a church plant. Sometimes our meetings were held in the pastors apartment on the 18th floor which had open windows and no screens. So before we would enter I would look around to make sure the windows were shut. If they were not I had a harness I would put on Ty, so he could play but if he got near the window I could pull him back...hahaha My friend Craig used to tease that my kids would have to put helmets on my kids before I would let them leave the house, :) yes I am protective, can I protect him all the time no, is he going to get hurt? Yes! We have to give our kids to God daily but it is an attribute of God in us to want to protect our kids. our friends kids, and kids we don't know. I think this is hard when walking through adoption. Pax is out there, but I can not see her. I can not wipe her tears. I can not keep things that could harm her away; but praise God he can. God cares for everyone from the child who is hurt in the lonely baby in a crib in the little child who has fallen off their bike in Hunington Beach....and the kindergartner being bullied in New York. God cares and is watching over our children even when we can't!

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