Friday, March 25, 2011

waves on our toes...

the ball continues to move forward for the adoption. as i spoke with my adoption agent this week, here is her current update:

we can pay the next invoice of $1,300 (which we have). at that time she will give us documents to begin filling out our dossier (short for filling out tons of paper work for the US government & Korean government). within these documents we HAVE to show roughly $27,000 in our bank to prove we have the funding for this adoption (after paying the dossier, we will have $600 still in the bank).

so God is good. the ball continues to roll forward. it is not as fast as we may want, but none the less it is still moving. God is providing as we need it. we have the funds for the next step. we continue to do all we can with the possible and are trusting God with the impossible.

i was thinking about Moses and the Red Sea. Moses led the people to the edge of the Red Sea. I am sure the waves were rolling up onto the shore and splashing on Moses toes. at that moment he had done ALL he could do. the edge of the water, that was his possible; and now he looked to God to part the sea. so Andy, Tysen and I continue to move forward to the "Red Sea." we will pay the next invoice and begin the dossier and trust God that in that moment when we feel the waves are beginning to hit our toes, that God will provide and part our Red Sea...

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