Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's going to happen...

So this is Andy writing today. I am Rachel's husband. Paxton's dad to be. I believe Rachel shared with you in the past about an email from our adoption agency sharing how Korea is now wanting the money to be shown up from for our adoption. That in our son Tysen's adoption, we could pay each amount financially as we needed it (example: $300 then $2,500 then $7,000 etc). But with Paxton, after this current stage, we need to have the balance of $27,000 in our bank or we are "done." Stop. Can't move forward.

So last night @ about 10 pm we got a 2nd email from her. She confirmed we were up to date on all our paper work and that it had been submitted to the main branch in New York. And then, again, the email concluded with, "and they did of course ask me how you propose to pay for the adoption and if you have ALL the money." I thought it was going to be about June before we came around to this again. But here we are in March. At a road block and I need to answer. Obviously, for me, my answer is "God is going to provide." However, that probably would not be all too comforting for my adoption agent.

This past month (as you are probably aware), a friend of ours put together a raffle to help us raise money for the adoption. The raffle raised $2,500; which helped us pay for the home study which is Stage 2? However, stage 3 is now going to be $27,000. Everything. Not broken down as they have done for years, but ALL of the finances = now.

So last night, as I went to bed after this email & I was a broken person; humbled, scared, excited, and yet confident all mixed into one ball. Not confident in me, but confident in God, that as I and my family obey him – he is going to be faithful. Not exactly knowing how this adoption was going to happen, but knowing that it is going to happen! Now, that is scary, because I am kind of throwing myself & my God out in front of a bus – but is that not what faith in God is. Trusting Him to do what He says when we live in obedience, even when it looks like humanly speaking the situation is hopeless?

So the new proposed deadline is the end of March 2011. Yes, 15 days away. Approximately 2 weeks away! March 31, 2011.

I don’t know how this adoption is going to happen, but it is going to happen….

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